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Weaves found on this page can be made using any of the materials from the Materials Page.

Chain Weaves: These weaves make chains that can be made into necklaces, bracelets, wallet chains, or anything that you can think to use a chain for.
Box Chain
Triple Chain
Dark Elf
Barrel Chain
Half Persian 3 in 1
Flower Chain
Half Persian 4 in 1
Helm Chain Weave
Helm Chain


Sheet Weaves: These weaves form sheets and like fabric that can be used to create any article of clothing or anything else that requires a sheet of fabric.

There are many more sheet weaves available. This is only a sampling of what we have available around the shop.

European 6 in 1 Dragon Scale
Half Persian 3 in 1 Sheet 6 Staggered Captive Inverted Round


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