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What Is Chainmaille?

Chainmaille was initially used as a form of battle armor throughout the Middle Ages and reached its height during the 13th century. Presently chainmaille has found its way into many other purposes such as safety equipment, sculpture, and jewellery.
As time went on Chainmaille evolved into more decorative jewellery, used more for pleasure them necessity.  Different weaves of rings create intricate patterns.  These more intricate weaves reveal the artists expression.

The process of making chainmaille can be reduced most simply to:
          Strings - of steel wire are wound into springs on a winding rod
          Springs – are cut into individual rings
          Rings – are constructed into….
          Things - using many different weaves.

There are three foundation weaves that are the basis of Chainmaille.  They are European, Japanese and Persian weaves.   Each has a different characteristic way of linking the ring in a unique pattern.  On the basis of these weaves the artist can create a multitude of different designs.
There are weaves that can form a sheet of rings that will lie like fabric enabling the Mailler to create clothing articles.  Some of the weaves create intricate designs in a detailed chain for jewelry.

Modern technology provides the artists with materials of different weights, strengths and of various colors to suit the requirements of any project.

What sets chainmaille jewelry aside from others?
  • Different from regular chains
  • Completely hand made
  • Can be fully customized by request
  • Can make anything from any wire (If given adequate quantities...)
  • Articles can be constructed of more inexpensive metals if your skin doesn't react to them.

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